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Post by L2Trigger Fri Apr 12, 2013 1:50 pm

Website - l2trigger.com

Introduction -

L2trigger born from an old idea. L2 private servers goal should not be making cash.

L2trigger staff its a gathering of ppl that are in L2 private server world from more than 8 years, as players or developers (friends in real life to), 5 persons very skilled in diferent areas, working together to achieve only 1 thing - Provide a stable and funny house for the thousands of L2 players.

Inspired on great servers like: L2x, L2vendetta, L2sublimity, but with an main diference: L2trigger will do better !!

Tired of changing server all the time? Tired of stupid kids running servers? tired of huge bugs on files? Tired of staffs without money to keep server alive ? Tired of bot servers ? Tired of getting raped from donaters ? Tired of GM corruptions ?
L2trigger server its exactly what you are looking for. You have the chance to join it !!
Check it with your own eyes your future midrate pvp server with an old feeling !!

Server Specs

CPU: 2 x Intel Xeon Six-Core 2.93GHz (X5670), 1333MHz
Hard Drive: 2x 2TB SATA2
RAID: SOFT - 0/1
Connection: 1 Gbps

Gameserver Features

Private files, not crappy L2j public and backdoored L2off - just check it
Rates: xp-55 / adena -100
L2OFF like geodata
Offlineshop for 2days
Main town: Giran
All Epic Raid Boss 80
Autoloot except on RBs
Auto Learn Skills
Augmentation System removed
Global Gatekeaper
GM shop with S grade
1/2/3 class in class changer
24 bufs slots
2 hours buffs on NPC including prophecys
No penaltys for clans/players leaving allys/clans
Allys with 2 clans max
Armor Mastery Penalty
Disabled heal on RBs
Max Enchant Weapon +16
Max Enchant Armor +8 & Jewerly +8
Enchant rate lowered
Spawn protection for 15 secs
Antibuff shield
No Death Penalty
100% Clan system and skills 100% retail / earn rep by killing mobs in custom areas
100% retail skills
100% retail olympiad/ 2 week cycle / 3 hours per day / +3 gear only
Solo custom zone - EF
Party custom zone - FOG
Party pvp custom zone - PI
Dusk items and titaniums
Epics quest items on GMshop
Retail subclass quest (lunargent on shop)
Retail nobless quest
No custom mobs, only drops
Epics window reduced
Huge and fun events
Max 3 games connected from same PC
Very experienced and friendly staff

99.9% uptime
Backups every hour
Server paid for 1 year already
Antibot system - Lameguard (dont try it , you will get banned by MAC)
DDos protect
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Space
European datacenter
Real time gameserver statistics
Nwatch to show you that there is no chance of corruption


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